AMA recap — what’s happening fam?

Salutations you magnificent PolyDoge stallions, we’ve got news, WONDERFUL news!

We get so many questions everyday: “Wen Binance, wen moon, wen Bart music video, wen Bart dick pick, wen NEWS SIRS!?” Well, today we’re dropping a comprehensive wrap-up of the PolyDoge AMA & Roundtable. Let’s dig into the team going deep on the Phase 2 roadmap of PolyDoge!

(For those interested in listening in for themselves, the hour and a half recording is pinned in the PolyDoge telegram (click here to listen).)

Without further ado, let’s get into it so you “WEN NEWS!?!?” junkies can get your fix.


The section title says it all, and it’s a quote from our brilliant Jordan Charters, Head of Networking and Gaming/eSports. Phase 2 is going to be all about handing control of PolyDoge and its future over to the community.

It’s clear that our community is the driving force behind PolyDoge, headed by one of the most competent and comprehensive teams in crypto. Phase 2 will be about leveraging the teams offerings in order to empower and support the community.

So, how are we going to do this?


“So seriously, what’s a DAO? I’ve heard that freaking word so much but I’ve always been too lazy to look it up.”

Well, young grasshopper, DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and while that sounds like something right out of Terminator, it’s actually an ingenious way to govern a community.

Instead of a small group of shady dudes making all the decisions, a DAO is a truly decentralized, democratic mechanism that allows every invested stakeholder in the community to have a voice. This voice often comes in the form of voting power on community issues.

Want to spend a portion of the DAO treasury on advertising, or developing a new game? The community gets to vote and decide! Just like the blockchain, it’s a decentralized, 100% trustless system that tries to eliminate any possible manipulation.


The PolyDoge team has built up a huge reservoir of networking power and connections since launching, and now PolyDoge wants to open that power up to the PolyDoge community. People with business ventures, really skilled community members, or just people with really great ideas can use the networking power and connections of PolyDoge! Any new potential ambassador would be put to a vote for the PolyDoge community to decide.

Funds we collect from this program would go into the DAO treasury, thus funding future ventures. We’ve already started rolling out a pilot program in China and Italy with good turnout and results so far. Eventually PolyDoge will open this program up to anyone, even those outside the community, creating as few barriers as possible.


In September we partnered with the major esports team in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Inferno (LVI for short), which is one of our biggest partnerships to date. LVI is such a big deal, the mayor of Las Vegas declared January 6th “Las Vegas Inferno Day” (you can only imagine what we’ve got planned!)

The esports sector has seen enormous growth in the past few years, and with this partnership, PolyDoge is looking to onboard the LVI community into crypto, with PolyDoge as their gateway drug.

In this vein, PolyDoge will have a large presence at the upcoming Lootfest, the first physical major gaming and content creation expo in Las Vegas, taking place November 12–13. In addition to the physical event, PolyDoge will be hosting a digital expo on Gamerjibe with streamer loot on the same dates.

Between the physical and digital events, there will be about 4,000 content creators and streamers present! That’s 4,000 potential partners and communities that PolyDoge can network and build connections with!

Additional to our partnerships in the gaming space, PolyDoge has its own suite of games! You all know and love DogeQuake, our play2earn Quake port where you earn 1 MILLION PolyDoge per kill! But we’re just getting started…

Behind the scenes we have 8 upcoming games, which you’ll start to see trickling out in the next 3–6 months. We’re talking side scrollers, 1st person shooters, real time strategy, kart racing, card games, games generating NFTs, and big names that have not had a release in a while.

We’re also teaming with Art Chops, to give community members the ability to help add to the value of our games through assets, tokenomics, NFTs, design, all the different components of the games. Further down the line, PolyDoge is looking to build an esports gaming blockchain, with Polygon as a sponsor.


You all know and love the PolyDoge Cards, released in September, and one of the biggest questions around the cards has been, “What’s the utility?” Well fear not, the specific use cases are going to be rolled out, with many things going on behind the scenes.

Additional to a game that will utilize the cards, two main use cases will involve NFT staking, and integrating NFTs into the DAO to give card owners more voting power in the DAO. So hold on to those cards!!

Arguably one of the biggest drops during the AMA was the breedable PolyDoge Pets NFTs! (Crypto kitties but waaaay better anyone?)

PolyDoge is currently in talks with Netvrk to develop PolyDoge Pets later this year. Without releasing too many details, tokenomics would be built in to breeding, with a certain percentage going to the DAO.

With UnReal engine 5, cross-platform and cross-engine capabilities, PolyDoge Pets would be playable on anyone’s software OS, desktop and mobile. While no dates have been set, we are looking for community input on this project, and are working behind the scenes to make it a reality.

Another highly anticipated NFT project that will be released soon is the FomoChronicles PolyDoge Manga NFT collection. With only 100 NFTs being made, each will cost 2 BNB (and be available over on BSC).

The amazing things about these NFTs, additional to their scarcity and rarity, will be special utilities that all owners will have, including PolyDoge airdrops, special voting rights in the DAO, utility in our gaming ecosytem, and access to high priority items in the DAO.

Because we’re the best team in crypto, we’re going to do a giveaway for 5 of these precious NFTs, so keep your eyes peeled for the giveaway! With all of your NFTs, a big revenue stream for the team and the DAO will be special royalty fees that will return a portion of trading fees to the PolyDoge team, for buy backs, burns, or additions to the DAO treasury, so trading your NFTs helps to fund PolyDoge’s success!


PolyDoge is no stranger to events, and we hope you all were able to partake in Polycon 2021 in September, one of the biggest, most successful crypto conferences ever! To throw some numbers at you: PolyDoge netted $23,000 from PolyCon 2021 ticket and vendor sales! What!? And we have plans to increase pricing for vendors for future events.

But PolyDoge is just getting started.

In addition to Lootfest and Las Vegas Inferno Day events mentioned above, we’re also planning a massive “Comic Con” type event WITH Polygon, with special focus on NFTs and gaming. Ticket sales will be used to buy back and burn PolyDoge!


So now that you’ve got some of the main roadmap points fleshed out, let’s talk about some other hype things dropped in the AMA.

For starters, our very own Bart “Moonboy” Baker is gonna drop his long anticipated PolyDoge music video to his 10s of millions of global followers on FRIDAY 5th OF NOVEMBER!

That’s it, did you hear me!?

You can only hope you’ve bought your share of PolyDoge before that happens!

Other highlights include the announcement that PolyDoge will start monetizing our partnerships, and building more revenue streams. In summation, Phase 2 is all about giving power to the community, making the community more participative, focusing on buy backs and building revenue streams (gaming, store, events) where the DAO decides whether we buy back or burn, and in general creating as much buy pressure as possible.

Oh by the way, one last thing I heard through the grapevine, something BIG and something #SOON is cooking in the PolyDoge kitchen, and I’ll just leave you this quote as a #brain teaser, “If dogs were meant to stay in one place, they’d have roots instead of feet…”



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