4 min readNov 18, 2021

PolyDoge friends and family, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME EPIC NEWS!? You’ve heard cross-chain rumors and been teased for months… Well, we have officially gone cross-chain onto the Cronos blockchain! Using RelayChain and CRODEX, PolyDoge enthusiasts can now bridge their PolyDoge from the Polygon network to the Cronos network, and can also buy PolyDoge on the Cronos network! WHAT!? I’m sure you’re all wondering what these things are and what they mean. Fear not, we’re here to help!


Other than being the Father of Zeus and the very essence of time, Cronos is the revolutionary blockchain from! serves over 10 million customers worldwide annually and has the largest crypto card program in use. With CRO as the native token (currently in the top 25 in terms of market cap), Cronos offers a lot of utility with blockchain interoperability and cross-chain scaling, so think about what that means for PolyDoge and its future possibilities (seriously, think about it). Cronos fees are also pretty cheap, at only 1–2 CRO per transaction (beats ETH price eh?) and also very fast.


To facilitate cross-chain transfers, Cronos has partnered with the third party bridging solution RelayChain, and bridging your PolyDoge over to Cronos (or over to Polygon) is very easy, and the fee is really cheap, only about 6 MATIC.

Let’s go over the bridging process now, using bridging PolyDoge on the Polygon Network over to the Cronos Network as an example:

Step 1. Set up the Cronos network in Metamask

Step 2. Head to and connect your metamask wallet, making sure Polygon network is the active network

Step 3. Choose Cronos as the destination chain, select PolyDoge in the asset/token field (this is very easy to do as PolyDoge is whitelisted!), and choose the amount you want to transfer, like below:

Step 4: Send the PolyDoge spend approval transaction

Step 5: Once this goes through, you can then transfer your funds! As part of the transfer, you automatically get dropped about 2 CRO, so your first transaction or two are already paid for!

Step 6: After a matter of minutes, usually five or six minutes max, your precious PolyDoge will be on Cronos as a wrapped token, with the Cronos contract address 0x9b8077C6590b560f1A9D60512648277D29b35A3B.

Step 7: Lastly, all you need to do is switch your Metamask network to Cronos, and boom, you have PolyDoge on Cronos! (This process works virtually the same way if you want to go from Cronos to Polygon, you just need to add the Polygon network to your Metamask wallet.)


Along with RelayChain, PolyDoge users will also now have access to the premier DEX on Cronos, CRODEX! A third-party DEX, CRODEX has a total TVL of over $35 million at the time of writing! PolyDoge is one of the few whitelisted tokens on CRODEX, so finding and buying it is very easy.

Imagine, those 10 million users all get near-immediate access to PolyDoge, all they have to do is bridge their CRO to Cronos! CRODEX can be accessed here: After connecting your Metamask wallet and switching to the Cronos network, you’re ready to go! Like all DEX’s, CRODEX also offers a CRO-PolyDoge pool, where you earn CRX, CRODEX’s native token. Here’s a link to their LP mining page for more info: So be sure to add liquidity and start earning those rewards, which are currently 5 CRX per week for the pool, as well as 0.3% of PolyDoge transaction fees!

This is just the first of many cross-chain moves and partnerships PolyDoge is looking to pursue, so keep an eye and ear out for more #news coming #soon.

Stay perky PolyDogers! 🚀🐶




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