DogeQuake: PolyDoge releases the first crypto integrated FPS on Polygon

2 min readJul 22, 2021

It’s time to dust off that gaming mouse and work on your bunny hops, because on July 20th, 2021, PolyDoge opened up to the masses.

Earning free PolyDoge couldn’t be more fun. Add your Telegram username and frag out with other players on four different maps and all the weapons and power-ups you remember!

What is DogeQuake?

We have developed a way to track and reward player kills with PolyDoge in a completely off-chain video game, making DogeQuake the very first FPS to be integrated with the Polygon network.

But we aren’t stopping with DogeQuake. This is just one of many proof of concepts for our future endeavors in off-chain and real world integrations for PolyDoge.

…What? Did you think we were all about farms and NFTs?

The groundbreaking integration stuff is cool and all, but how do I get started?

Just follow these steps and you’ll be fragging out in no time!

  1. Join the PolyDoge Gameroom Telegram
  2. Type “/deposit” to create your personal DogeQuake deposit wallet
  3. Type “/quake” to get your personal DogeQuake login link
  4. Click your login link and jump in the arena!
  5. Type “/withdraw” when you’re ready to claim your hard earned PolyDoge

Do you have what it takes to reach the top of the leaderboard? Can you find the secret areas in the map to nab the advantage?

Show us what you’ve got!

🎮 Join us in game:
💰 Claim your PolyDoge:




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