Introducing PolyDoge: Dogecoin on Polygon

2 min readApr 28, 2021


Talk of doge never sleeps these days. The beloved meme has become synonymous with the cryptocurrency world — but if dogecoin is the people’s crypto, like Elon Musk famously said, it deserves to be on every chain.

That’s why we made PolyDoge on Polygon (formerly Matic), the leading Ethereum L2 network. PolyDoge is the first and only dogecoin on Polygon that matters.

Why Polygon?

We couldn’t help but notice Polygon is growing exceptionally fast. The numbers are staggering. At the time of writing, there is over $3.6 billion in value locked on the network, and it continues to grow parabolically. AAVE on Polygon now boasts over $1B in deposits.

Polygon is now, by far, the leading layer-2 solution on Ethereum. It seems clear that many of the traders who migrated to Binance Chain (BSC) due to low fees will soon be coming to Polygon. Not only is Polygon just as fast as BSC and unbelievably cheap, but it’s also arguably more secure.

Polygon’s premier automated market maker (AMM) is Quickswap which has seen explosive volume in the past week. Transactions are near-instantaneous and cost practically nothing.

So, it seemed like a no-brainer that Polygon would become a market leader. But every major network needs its doge — for tipping, for the memes, for the lulz, and to establish a true community token. Doge = community.

So, because every network needs a community, every network needs its own version of doge. Polygon is no exception.

tl;dr If you believe in Polygon, you better damn believe in PolyDoge as well.


Total supply is 1000000000000000 PolyDoge. No more can be minted.

At the start, 13.1907% of the supply (131,906,514,679,810 PolyDoge) was burned immediately. It was sent to this burner address.

First 20 members of the Telegram group were rewarded with an airdrop. The rest was all put on the market as liquidity.

Initial liquidity has been locked forever. LP tokens were burned.

No premine. No whitelist. Completely fair launch.

PolyDoge is now trading on Quickswap.

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PolyDoge Smart Contract on Polygon:




The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).