Making PolyDoge a Brand: Two New Additions to the Team!

We’re happy to announce that the PolyDoge fam has grown — with two new special additions to the team. It’s an important step toward making PolyDoge one of the most recognizable brands in all of crypto and beyond.

Gerald Smiley

Gerald Smiley is a former pitcher for the Texas Rangers (2001–2005). And he’s joining the PolyDoge fam. Since retiring from baseball, he’s been involved with startups and nonprofits.

He’s currently the founder and CEO of Chip-in, a fintech B-Corp specializing in raising money for validated nonprofits, validated for profits, and those who need help in all communities.

Smiley knows his way around — and will be advising the PolyDoge team moving forward on how to best expand our brand.

Jordan Charters

We’re happy to also announce that Jordan Charters is also joining the team to expand our scope of operations. Developing a broad network over the years, he’s bringing something special to PolyDoge. He’s also a super motivated and compassionate guy who’s been involved in charity work since 2005.

Before pursuing charity work, Jordan served 8 years in the U.S. Marines. This experience changed him forever — and it inspired him to pursue massage therapy. He has managed multiple sports massage clinics which served professional athletes in the NBA, MLB and the NFL. His work is now focused on the Nonprofit and Gaming sector.

But his other passion is charity work — Jordan has spearheaded hundreds of charity fundraisers and projects. His group Worldwide Unified on Facebook has some 560,000 members in 138 countries with 4.8 million engagements per month. He recently published his book “Hope is Not Quarantined.”

You may have already seen Jordan around on the official PolyDoge telegram. Feel free to say hello and tell him to keep up the awesome job he’s been doing. Oh, and maybe consider giving him a follow on Twitter.

Together, Charters and Smiley will focus on brand outreach and marketing — the goal is to expand our base of support to areas beyond just standard crypto-fans. Let’s bring the masses over to Polygon (Matic)!

What’s Next?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store for PolyDoge. We wish we could say more, but let’s just say big things are on the horizon. Stay cool, PolyDoge fam, it’s about to get crazy.

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