MetaPetz AMA Recap

10 min readFeb 7, 2022
It’s ok if your jaw drops while reading this article.

POLYDOGE FAM! WHAT’S UP!?!? Things have been a little quiet on the surface lately, and for good reason; so much has been going on behind the scenes! Now it’s time to start leaking some of what has been going on. Recently, PolyDoge rock star Jordan Charters did an AMA on the PolyDoge Italia chat, and MetaPetz powered by PolyDoge was the main subject! Read below to learn more about what PolyDoge has been working tirelessly on!


In the sales biz, Minimum Viable Product is a well known term, referring to a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers, who can then provide feedback for future product development. But what PolyDoge is trying to achieve with MetaPetz is the Minimum Lovable Product (MLP). Straight from Jordan, “We don’t want to bring something to market that isn’t lovable and these MetaPetz will be loveable to a degree not seen in the NFT or Crypto world yet.” Hear that gang? PolyDoge is looking to mimic and even enhance the foundational relationship that we’ve all had with our pets since we were kids. So we’re not just here trying to shill you another NFT, MetaPetz will be about building a legitimate 3D companion in the metaverse.


How will we achieve this goal you may be thinking? MetaPetz will have a diverse activities list, ranging from playing with them in the metaverse, feeding them, taking care of them, going on quests, fighting mobs to earn loot, or taking them for walks outside in the real world via mobile AR integrations (think Pokémon Go but BETTER.) But that’s not at all! We are implementing systems where the MetaPetz will respond and interact with you. MetaPetz will even be able to know your mood, and determine the best way to communicate with you as an individual. Again, MetaPetz will go far beyond any other NFT known to date.


MetaPetz is not just a cash grab or one and done NFT project, it is going to be an entire ecosystem that can uplift and help bridge the gap between the Web 3.0 metaverse and reality.

Q: Is MetaPetz on desktop and mobile?

A: Jordan — When creating a game and more specifically one that is to appeal to a mass audience, it is crucial to have a mobile component. Mobile gaming has dwarfed the majority of other mediums of access. The first main gameplay will be on and they have been working on mobile, tablet, PC, Mac and VR functionality. So we can say with confidence that all of these options will eventually be available. Eventually we will also have our own AR app to take your MetaPetz on the go and into the real world!

Q: Is MetaPetz an open world game? Are you maybe thinking about an only MetaPetz platform too?

A: Jordan — Yes, but not just open world on the Netvrk metaverse through Unreal Engine 5, but multi-world! What do we mean by this? We are exploring every possible way to link MetaPetz into other play-2-earn games and universes. The bulk of gameplay will be on Netvrk. However, there will be elements of cross-play on several other platforms. The vision is to have MetaPetz utility available throughout the crypto world and beyond. Another thing to consider is that Netvrk has the ability to create entire multi-faceted metaverses inside its ecosystem. We will be partnering with these other worlds and also building our own whole metaverse in the future.

Q: Is MetaPetz single player or multi-player? Is it possible to create an alliance or guild? If possible will there be any benefit from it?

A: Jordan — MetaPetz is both a single player and multi-player experience. Single player is more in the style of Tamagotchi, such customizing your pets, PVE, teaching your MetaPetz, leveling them up, and several other gameplay elements.


Multi-player will include but not be limited to teaming up with others in the Metaverse to take on a quest, RAID bosses, PVP, guilds, and Multi Game Alliances. What do we mean by Multi Game Alliances? In Netvrk there will be many many other p2e NFT gaming experiences and projects. We will be partnering with these projects and intermingling our gameplay rewards, systems of engagement, and co-creation. Think of a giant MMORPG where you have access to 200 different gameplay scenarios all-in-one. The true metaverse is a playground like none other!Imagine that you can take your MetaPetz into an entirely different game mechanic and vice versa, across limitless genres (are you bullish yet!?)

Q: What kind of utilities will a pet have? Only fighting? Or there will be any “jobs” for the pets?

A: Jordan — Every MetaPetz species will have its own unique gameplay mechanics only they can do. For instance the SHIBAs can dig in the metaverse and on AR. While digging they can find parts to old relics, NFTs, tokens, physical items, WLs, and crafting pieces. We will be making a whole crafting system that will be quite robust.


A: Jordan — Close your eyes, and imagine that you and your MetaPet are running around the Netvrk map and find a MetaPetz Park location.You decide to start using some of your digging charges. You find the piece of an ancient sword from thousands of years ago. Luck would have it you already have a piece you got from a raid boss. Now you just need one more piece. Maybe someone put it on sale on Opensea. It looks expensive, but you also determine that no one else has made this sword yet. So you purchase the part for 1 ETH. Then you forge it and through Chainlink VRF the stats are rolled. You get some crazy rolls on Legendary attributes. Now you have a sword that is worth 10 ETH or more, and is one-of-a-kind. You can equip it to your avatar or opt to infuse it into one of your MetaPetz weapons. You will also be able to freely trade items. No more getting stuck with skins or items that just collect digital dust. Everything has purpose and value.

Q: Will there be an in-game marketplace?

A: Jordan — Yes! There will be player-run markets. There will be MetaPetz Shops on Netvrk land that will generate transaction fees for shop owners. Some NFTs will initially only be available in the MetaPetz Shops, and will be available later on secondary markets. MetaPetz Shops will allow you to heal your MetaPetz for a small fee. This fee will be split by the shop owner and used to buy back PolyDoge. For all exchanges of value occurring across the tokens, NFTs, and other gameplay purchases, a percentage of the transaction will go toward buying back PolyDoge. Buy pressure will be through the roof and there will be big secondary sales on NFTs. Some of that will be burnt and then most will go into the DAO treasury to be used as we as a community see fit.

Q: Will it be possible to sell MetaPetz NFTs on famous marketplaces such as Opensea?

A: Jordan — MetaPetz NFTs will be available on many of the popular marketplaces. Keep in mind that every trait, item, and attribute is its own NFT. The MetaPetz will be fully customizable. Too many times we’ve all gotten great NFTs from different projects, but maybe there is a necklace on it we don’t want. Or a weird item in the background. Or it just doesn’t look right all together. So we thought, how awesome would it be if you had your base SHIBA type and then could add and remove all the items, traits, and attributes as you want, so you determine exactly the way your MetaPetz look!

Q: Would it be possible to win a MetaPetz in game? Like a special quest?

A: Jordan — Yes! There will be special world events where you can win the next mint. To unlock new features, mints, and species there will be special tasks or raids players will have to complete together.


Q: What about all the people that want to play but don’t have a MetaPetz?

A: Jordan — We will make it so players can start with a starter MetaPetz With greatly limited access to the economy. But can still have fun and earn lol bit to get up to a full fledged MetaPet. This way we can scale our player base to tens of thousands instead of maybe 2,000 active players a day.Too many p2e games are siloed to only those that have “bought in”. A good majority of users don’t even play the game. This leads to even great projects dying as the player base is not a good mix between those that really want to enjoy the game versus those that want to flip for a good profit. We won’t make that mistake.

Q: Will there be a p2p selling option?

A: Jordan — Yes, something like this is in the works, Netvrk will handle that side of things.

Q: Are there any in-game farmable resources?

A: Jordan — Yes, from our own game and other games as well! For instance, food used to feed your pets could come from our own drops or from other games that have food NFTs. So there are major opportunities for interoperability. Or for example you could pick fruit off a tree in a MetaPetz Park and feed your MetaPetz and said fruit would be a tradeable NFT. Or we are working with a tree growing simulation game and you get some tokens as well. Or a big farm game in Netvrk. The connections are limitless!

Q: Are you thinking about a burning mechanism for the PolyDoge token?

A: Jordan — Yes! Let’s say you are breeding You want a specific trait but don’t have it on your MetaPetz. Now it is in the pool but you could try to get that trait at a higher rate of percent by burning PolyDoge, staking it or holding for a certain period of time. So you burn some PolyDoge and it increases your multiplier to be able to get the trait and/or breed that you want. This also goes for partner projects. So you want a trait from You burn some Warp to increase your chances, and now we have a mechanism of burning that is fun and valuable.

Q: Is it possible to buy the key cards with PolyDoge?

A: Jordan — Yes we will have a special tiered system for our community to buy a limited amount of MetaPetz with PolyDoge. What are the key cards you ask? The key cards are the first access to the ecosystem. Think of them like a founders edition NFT. Each key card is a representation of the 12 base SHIBAs for the foundation of the game. So you get Shadow SHIBA you can mint the 3D version. Fire SHIBA the same. You get the picture. You get a free mint of the 3D MetaPetz for each one, with special holder perks that increase with value over time. You also get to help build the future of the MetaPetz with greater voting power in the DAO. Also, each base SHIBA has its own rarity in the pool. We have thought about having you be able to pick. But it’s a lot more exciting to pay the same mint price and get something crazy rare! One other nice mechanic we are putting in for the key cards is you can reroll those stats three times with higher chances of getting better numbers by using PolyDoge!


Q: Can people exchange the base SHIBAs?

A: Jordan — Yes, you will be able to do this with other people. We’re considering an option to swap between different tiers of rarity. But we also want to make sure there are a certain amount of each. Burning your SHIBAs to get something much more legendary could be coming. It’s on the table as a feature. So those of you that have seen the numbers on the key cards are probably very curious as to what those numbers mean? Those numbers are random rolls for airdrop power and rarity power for the NFT traits, attributes and items that will be dropped to you randomly as a holder of the key cards. The higher your airdrop power, the higher the potential to get higher NFT rarity, the higher chance you get much rarer NFTs!

PolyDoge gang, if you’re not bullish after reading this, you might need to get your head examined! Stay tuned for more on MetaPetz as we get closer and closer to release #soon, and don’t forget to take part in our Twitter whitelist events where you can guess the class for the base SHIBAs!


Until next time, stay perky PolyDogers!🚀🚀🚀




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