PolyDoge and QuickSwap Present: The Dragon’s Lair NFT Drop!

2 min readMay 24, 2021


As you probably already know, Quickswap recently added PolyDoge to their QUICK liquidity mining program. It’s been a great success so far with around $1M added to liquidity since it launched.

If you haven’t participated yet, we highly recommend it for some sweet returns.

The good news for the Quickswap community is — we’re celebrating the launch with a limited-edition NFT drop to stakers of $QUICK!

That’s right - it’s another PolyDoge treat — and this one is exclusively for $QUICK stakers in their Dragon’s Lair.

Introducing… The Dragon’s Lair NFT

The Dragon’s Lair NFT brings together two of the biggest players on Polygon: Quickswap is the leading AMM on Polygon and PolyDoge is its leading community token.

If you’re a $QUICK holder who is staking your coin on Quickswap, you will automatically get the Dragon’s Lair NFT airdropped to your wallet.

To check yours, simply go to Opensea.io and connect your Matic wallet with MetaMask. Then, go to your profile — you will see your special-edition NFT in your collection. It’s that easy.

The Dragon’s Lair NFT was designed by our artist River Jordon White who also produced our Genesis Coin. If you hold PolyDoge, you may have already received that one.

Nobody knows what these coins may symbolise in future — or what the special “Power rating” means on the Dragon’s Lair NFT….perhaps collecting all of the PolyDoge NFTs might net you some even sweeter rewards someday.

Just a thought 😉

For now, enjoy your shiny NFTs, PolyDoge fam. You deserve it.

Useful Links

Website: PolyDoge.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyDoge

Telegram: https://t.me/polydoge

Quickswap: https://www.quickswap.exchange




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