PolyDoge just took another step towards becoming the crypto of the future!

Greetings PolyDoge friends and fam! Big, big news! The PolyDoge DAO is back up and running new and improved, and this time with a twist! The previous DAO had some slight issues, like needing an absolute majority of token holders for a vote to pass. Since most people were stuck in various LPs, and 70% of the total supply is either burned, locked in a smart contract, or on exchanges, this was very difficult to achieve.


We know many of you have been asking, “Wen utility for NFTs dear sir AMINS??” Well now you’ve got it! We have added a new system to the updated PolyDoge DAO that integrates most of our NFTs as a voting booster! The best part is that you just need the NFTs to be in your wallet, so you can leave them for sale on OpenSea and still use them for voting purposes! If you don’t have any PolyDoge Cards, you can buy some on OpenSea here.

Feast your eyes on our full suite of NFTs (more coming #soon)

Below you can see the current system with the boosters:

PD Genesis
Boost: 40000000000 votes (40B)

PD Baseball cards
Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B)

Diamond Hands
Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B)

Boost: 1000000000 votes (1B)

PolyDoge Cards
Boost: 25000000000 votes (25B)


You can now go to https://snapshot.org/#/polydoge.eth and see the PolyDoge page with all of the active and expired proposals. Connecting is quick and easy, you can use a variety of browser-based wallets to connect and join the DAO. Once you connect your wallet and join the DAO the website will automatically calculate your voting power, factoring in the PolyDoge and NFTs you hold in the wallet that you connected.


The DAO has been completely remade, upgraded, and is open to the whole public, officially making PolyDoge a decentralized cryptocurrency!! Any community member, new or old, can bring forth proposals for the whole community to vote on. Anyone can initiate a vote and take lead on a project! As an added bonus, the team has put 800 billion PolyDoge tokens at the community’s disposal (roughly 30k USD at the time of writing) to be spent how we as a community see fit.

With this new DAO, PolyDoge is truly the ultimate community token, by the community and for the community. You can look forward to having plenty of proposals to vote on as we roll out projects that have been in the works for the past few weeks and months.

Until then, head on over to the PolyDoge DAO page and get acquainted with it by casting a vote in our test proposal. Be sure to keep stacking PolyDoge and NFTs in the mean time!

Until next time, stay perky you beautiful PolyDogers! 🚀🐶



The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).

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