PolyDoge Listed on MXC exchange

PolyDoge Is Coming to MXC

While new bridges are making it easier to onboard to Polygon, a lot of people still prefer easing into L2 networks through a more familiar interface. MXC is one of the first exchanges to offer on-ramps directly to Polygon. They also boast one of the cheapest rates: it costs no more than 0.5 MATIC per withdrawal to Polygon!

Info on Listing

  • Deposit & Withdrawal Activation and Announcement: 20:00, June 3 (UTC+8)
  • Listing: 20:00, June 4 (UTC+8)
  • Twitter Sharing Activity & Deposit contest: 20:00, June 3 (UTC+8)
  • Trading Contest: 20:00,J une 4(UTC+8)

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The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).