PolyDoge + MetacosmiX = BULLISH

2 min readMar 6, 2022

POLYDOGE FAM! WHAT’S UP!?!? We have a huge announcement to share!

As you may know, we began conversations with a true OG project — MetacosmiX, a couple of months ago, and even collaborated together on a small giveaway. Jordan stayed in touch with their lead devs and continued to monitor their progress, and boy, they have not disappointed. He believes this is a project and a team that punches way above its weight. For starters, they are quietly developing MetabeastZ, the world’s first 3D NFT Trading Card Game with a bunch of stellar partners.

But you wouldn’t know any of this just by looking at their market cap. Their Telegram is chill, their Twitter is low-key, they haven’t done a lick of marketing. Thus, this beautiful project is a true hidden gem. We at PolyDoge think the world has been sleeping on MetacosmiX and that they’re about to lift off hard very soon. Frankly, what they’re doing is going to have a massive impact on the future of Web3 gaming, to say nothing of their jaw-dropping (unpublished) roadmap, which we won’t spoil here except to say that it sent chills down our spines.

Now for the big news: we’ve decided to make a very strategic, long-term play to MERGE OUR TEAMS. Straight facts you guys. We’re incredibly bullish about MetacosmiX and utterly psyched and humbled to be joining forces. Going forward, we will operate together internally as a single unit — one unstoppable, united team that’s larger, more talented, and more evenly distributed than ever. Discussions have already begun on new synergies, because the truth is our complementary skills and strengths mean we can do more now, and this will only lead us to greater heights. We couldn’t be more thrilled. This is a match made in Doge Heaven.

Our tokens, our NFTs — everything stays the same — nothing will be decommissioned or surreptitiously transferred to unknown wallets. No funny business whatsoever. In fact, new utilities will be added in the new expanded ecosystem for PolyDoge. More details will be shared in the coming days and weeks.

PolyDoge gang, if you’re not bullish after reading this, you might need to get your head examined! Check out the MetacosmiX website, Medium, Twitter, Discord and Telegram to learn more.

Until next time, stay perky PolyDogers!




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