PolyDoge NODES are HERE! (182.50% APR)

PolyDoge Fam! The moment you’ve all been waiting for, and we’ve been teasing for the last few months… PolyDoge NODEs are finally here! And who other than those mad lads over at PARMA could have made it all possible!

PolyDoge is on the path to becoming a staple in the Web 3 world, and PolyDoge NODEs are our way of allowing the entire PolyDoge community to participate in the growing ecosystem. We know that not every user will be able to buy NODES. But be they big or small, each and every holder is a contributor to PolyDoge, whether they own NODES or not. PolyDoge NODEs aim to allow all holders the chance to contribute even more to our ecosystem of compounding utilities, and be rewarded in so doing!

Nodes breakdown:

Details of the PolyDoge Nodes:

  • Cost: 10,000,000,000 PolyDoge
  • Nodes: Maximum of 100 per wallet
  • Reward Distribution: 97% Rewards Pool, 3% PARMA (ie holders, marketing, etc.)
  • Rewards: Current rate of 50,000,000 per day (subject to adjustment based on rewards pool, LP Fees, and contributions)
  • SPECIAL promotion for 1 month from this article 100,000,000 per day

Setting up your PolyDoge Nodes:

Head to ParmaToken.com

PARMA Homepage

Click on Launch App in the Upper Right hand corner

Nodes Dashboard


When you first open the PARMANodes dApp you will be greeted by the PARMANodes Dashboard. If you navigate to the Nodes tab in the top navigation pane, you will then have the ability to setup your first node!

Create Your Node

Important note: Mind you this says PARMA but you will be able to select on the drop menu PolyDoge and create a NODE here by locking in 10 Billion PD.

It is important to note that rewards are paid in PolyDoge!

PolyDoge Nodes have an APR of 182.50% (Updated 2022–07–14)

Due to contract limitations, nodes will be non-transferable. This means that if you were to lose access to your account/wallet, the PARMA team will not be able to help in the recovery of the asset. Please always remember to be conscious of your wallet credentials and seed phrase, and never share them with anyone (which you should be doing all the time anyway!)

We all know the market has been rough lately, but the PolyDoge token has been holding strong, stronger than most tokens on the market! That’s because you, our holders, know the YUGE potential PolyDoge has, and we thank you for continuing to be a part of our wild, crazy community through these uncertain times. And for HODLing like champs, shilling like mad on Twitter, and making the Telegram chat a fun place to be. Now with our partnership and launch on shopping.io (read the Medium article about that here), and the launch of NODEs, get ready for even more FUN, even more MEMEs, and even more MOON!

Be sure to get your NODEs, and give a warm welcome in the Telegram to the PARMA team members if you see them around. Until next time you beautiful PolyDogers, stay perky!!


When are my rewards available for claiming?

Your rewards will accumulate per block on the Polygon network and be claimable at any time. The rewards displayed above were in “per day” amounts, but actual rewards can be claimed multiple times throughout the day if the user so desires.

If I have multiple nodes can I claim all of the rewards at the same time?

Yes, all node rewards will accumulate to be claimed by the same function. It will be the same function whether it be for a single NODE or for 100.

What currency are my rewards paid in?

Currently, all rewards will be paid in PolyDoge for the PolyDoge NODEs. We plan to keep it this way for these NODEs.

How are my rewards determined?

PolyDoge NODEs rewards are determined by a variety of factors. The initial determination of the PolyDoge NODEs rewards will be based on a combination of the remaining rewards pool, pool fees, and daily node creation rates. The NODE rewards will be closely monitored by the PARMA team and will maintain a high priority in their operations.

How are the NODEs sustainable at such a high APR?

The nodes are currently set to generate a 182.50% (Updated 2022–07–14) for the first year. This value may change depending on a multitude of factors discussed in the question above. However, we plan to maintain this APR as long as we can by focusing on ensuring that our PolyDoge NODEs are a backbone of the PolyDoge Ecosystem. We will also be performing buybacks, tax diversions, and marketplace revenue distributions to bolster NODE rewards.

Can I create more than 1 NODE at a time?

Yes, if you select multiple NODEs on the creation screen it will provide you with the ability to name and describe multiple NODEs to be submitted in the same transaction.

My rewards are missing, what happened?

Make sure you are connected to the right wallet on the website and on the right network in MetaMask. If you are on the wrong account your NODEs will not show in our UI.

My wallet was hacked! What can I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to help in this situation. As stated above, your PARMANode is non-transferable and will have to remain on the wallet/address that created the NODE.



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