PolyDoge Presents POLYCON 2023!

5 min readFeb 21, 2023
POLYCON 2023 is the premier celebration of Polygon!

The next big blockchain event is here! Now in its second year, PolyCon 2023 presented by PolyDoge is set to launch Thursday, February 23, 2023 and run through Saturday, February 25, 2023. The three day networking conference aimed at celebrating the Polygon blockchain ecosystem will be a jam-packed, virtual networking event held in the metaverse brought to us by the amazing team at Inverse. Each day between the hours of 10 AM-10 PM (EST), there will be keynote speeches and firesides with industry leaders, panels on various trending topics, AMAs with multiple projects, showcases of the latest and greatest, virtual booths to engage with, games to play, an international crowd of people to meet, and much, MUCH more! If you are a project or individual building on Polygon you really can’t afford to miss it!

AMAs & Panels

Why? As we’ve been building our own project on Polygon, the team here at PolyDoge feels we continually witness a disconnect between the various communities building in the blockchain ecosystem. While community outreach has been one of our top priorities, especially during the rough times, we’ve definitely noticed that sometimes our own projects can keep us busy and focused in-house. While we pride ourselves on keeping up with our peers and strive to foster relationships that are mutually beneficial and help move us all forward, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to engage with others and see what they are up to–especially if you’re brand new and just beginning your journey.

We at PolyDoge thought to ourselves: If one of our main driving principles is that we believe that “we all rise together,” then there has to be a better way to connect that can benefit these businesses we are all trying to build. With this in mind, we created PolyCon–an event platform that is focused on bringing together projects and attendees from around the world for networking and building strategic partnerships. Additionally we aim to provide an inspirational space that fosters education by providing insight from various industry experts as well as fun activities to help build and strengthen community relations. PolyCon 2023 is a place where we can truly all rise together!

Always stronger together!

Our first step was to collaborate with the incredible team at Polygon and work together to bring this event to the public. We knew we needed them on our side in order to provide a high quality event that would be impactful. Afterall, if we are going to host an event that celebrates the Polygon ecosystem, then we absolutely need to include the team that is making it all possible for us to build better worlds. As you will see, many key players from the Polygon team will be joining us in various places throughout the event to share their insights, support the celebration, and help us to achieve our overall goal of connectivity and community building.

Our next step was a little more challenging. Where would we host this event? We knew we wanted to connect on a global scale but we didn’t want people to have to spend a fortune on travel costs in order to attend. We figured we could accomplish this by hosting a virtual conference. At the same time, a virtual event needed to be something different, something cutting edge, something exciting! Not just another Zoom call, Google Meet, or Twitter Space that would no doubt blend together with our regular daily meetings but something that would be fun, engaging and stand out from our day to day lives. We knew we needed to build this event in the metaverse! As such, we have brought onboard the amazing team at Inverse and built an immersive 3D virtual event campus that can be easily accessed by attendees from around the world. Attendees will have the ability to walk around and discover the different areas within PolyCon as individual avatars, complete with custom branded merchandise from our sponsors and exhibitors. With full video, voice, and text messaging capabilities, attendees will be able to wander around at their own leisure and enjoy everything that PolyCon has to offer–all from the comfort of their own homes around the world.

The last piece to building this event was making sure that we were delivering a high quality and diverse schedule of impactful content that would truly make a difference in the lives of our attendees. Our PolyDoge team has been working around the clock to partner with influencers and projects across the Polygon ecosystem to support this event as sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, attendees, and entertainers. We are delighted to bring attendees a plethora of exciting activities and opportunities to connect! Through daily keynotes, firesides, panels, showcases and AMAs, as well as in-world games and tournaments, and exhibition halls with virtual booths from all of our supporting projects, we aim to provide several avenues for networking and connectivity. Add to that product demonstrations, raffles and giveaways, limited edition NFTs, airdrops, special discounts, and more! We hope that attendees will leave feeling uplifted and inspired to continue building their projects–knowing that they are supported and surrounded by a vibrant community.

Jam packed with value everywhere you turn!

Wherever you may be in the lifecycle of your web3 journey, we here at PolyDoge are striving to provide a creative platform for your voice to be heard. With this event, we aim to deliver a communal space for you to learn from industry leaders and peers, a place to connect and celebrate together, and a launchpad for creativity and for building better businesses within the Polygon ecosystem. We now invite you to join us at what is shaping up to be THE premier networking event of the year!

Our team here at PolyDoge is proud to present PolyCon 2023!




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