PolyDoge — Reverse Roadmap

5 min readOct 3, 2021

What is UP PolyDoge fam?

We thought it would be nice to provide PolyDoge enthusiasts with a “year to date” recap of your favorite coin — the 6 month Reverse Roadmap…with a sneak peak at the future too :)


Following the token’s launch on April 28, PolyDoge has had a meteoric rise to become a mainstay on the Polygon network. Since partnering with Quickswap in the early days, PolyDoge partnerships have blossomed to include celebrities (you all know Bart Baker, Gerald Smiley or Shira Lazar ), various prominent DeFi farms, OWL Games Casino, FarmHero’s Roll the Dice game, and probably the most mind blowing, an official partnership and sponsorship with the LAS VEGAS INFERNO (Las Vegas’ professional e-sports team!!!).

One thing most of these partnerships have in common: they have all helped lower the supply of PolyDoge by burning coins!


Some of you may be asking, “EXCUSE ME SIR, what does this burning mean?” Well young padawan, it’s simple economics, a matter of supply and demand. If there is less of something, the more valuable it becomes (and each holder then owns a larger proportion of the total available supply.)

The more PolyDoge that is burned, the less there is in active circulation, thus decreasing supply and driving demand, which in turn causes the price to increase (I’ll bet you weren’t expecting an economics lesson in a PolyDoge article!)

So whether it’s Roll the Dice fees getting burned, or Defi Farms burning their deposit fees, PolyDoge has a real pyro streak.


From the Genesis NFT, to the killer Dragon’s Lair, to the One Ring to Rule Them All, PolyDoge HODLers have been treated to a menagerie of free NFTs since the beginning. But you can’t forget about the 10,000 recently minted PolyDoge Cards!

Pengu sax lambi gang anyone?

Each card sold for 500,000,000 PolyDoge — and the entire collection of 10,000 sold out in just FIVE HOURS. Do you know what we did with every last one of the 10,000,000,000,000 PolyDoge? (that’s 10 trillion for those following along at home)


That’s 1% of the total supply, gone, POOF! On OpenSea, more than 2 ETH post-sale volume has already happened — and the utility of the cards hasn’t been fleshed out yet.

With PolyDoge Cards utility in the upcoming DAO and games, volume is almost certainly gonna POP, so get the cards cheap while you can!


The PolyDoge team is no stranger to events. Starting with the big presence at Dygycon 4, PolyDoge has only ratcheted it up from there! Who else picked up some awesome Olympic medal NFTs at the epic GamerJibe Olympic watch party back in July? Since then we took it to the next level, with PolyDoge hosting PolyCon, the biggest online conference Polygon has ever seen!

The 3 day conference, with an estimated 3,000 visitors and close to 100 exhibitors, celebrated all things Polygon. We also had the most amazing NFT pass as the entry token.


You know, we’re not just pyromaniacs. We love to give back to the community in other ways, one of the best being our PolyDoge merch store! Looking to spice up the bedroom? Look no further than the Peeking Doge panties, or Hot Doge boxer briefs. Office space looking drab? PolyDoge desk mat!

Did we mention the proceeds from the merch store are used to buy back PolyDoge on the market, thus driving demand, and give the team more capital to make everything happen?


PolyDoge is also a major player in the gaming sphere! Earlier in the summer we launched DogeQuake, the first on-chain integrated FPS on Polygon, and is play-2-earn. You literally get paid in PolyDoge for every kill.

DogeQuake, along with other games in the pipeline, all have built-in burn mechanisms which will help further reduce the PolyDoge supply.


PolyDoge fans, we are just getting started, and the team is dedicated and working hard to create as much value and hype in Polygon’s favorite token.

We will soon announce details of our DAO launch, and what you will need to mine your own ownership of the community. Holders, as always, will be rewarded. It’s going to be MASSIVE!

So much is currently in the works, and every day coins are being burned, helping to drive up the value (144,941,664,977,872 PolyDoge, or 14.4942% of the total 1 quadrillion supply, has been burned since launch!!)

Only the Pingu knows when we’ll announce the next big partnership/event/burn/buyback ;) and remember…

1 PolyDoge = 1 PolyDoge




The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).