PolyDoge Treats #4: Diamond Hands NFT

2 min readMay 27, 2021

A new epic airdrop for the PolyDoge Fam!

The PolyDoge fam is full of people who will never, ever sell.

Why would you? With Treats and rewards for everyone, including NFTs, tokens and early access into different projects on Polygon, it pays to hold PolyDoge.

During the GREAT BITCOIN CRASH of 2021 (last week), some people lost their faith. They folded when they should have holded.

But many brave people held tight. Their diamond hands gripping their precious PolyDoge.

It is these DIAMOND HANDS who we are rewarding with today’s exclusive NFT drop.

Every holder, farmer, staker or LP was included in a snapshot of the PICO BOTTOM — 13.45 UTC on 23 May 2021 — and they should now (or soon!) be able to view the epic Diamond Hands NFT in their wallet at Opensea.io.

The full list of people included in the airdrop is here: https://pastebin.com/HWEP5DZm

We hope you like the latest creation by in-house artist Jordon River White — and remember that the only way to access the best rewards on Polygon is to hold PolyDoge!

See the full collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/polydoge-diamond-hands-collection

For more info join our Telegram: t.me/PolyDoge

Buy PolyDoge on Quickswap: www.quickswap.exchange




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