PolyDoge Treats #6 — Gembites


Info for Metamask: How to Add the Gembites Token

Contract address: 0xbe9512e2754cb938dd69Bbb96c8a09Cb28a02D6D

More info about Gembites

Website: https://gembites.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/gembites

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Wait — isn’t this a relaunch of another project?

This project is being developed by a new team after an original pre-seed sale. All information about previous rounds (presales) are on their website as well as the full token distribution.

Should I buy this token?

We do not vouch for any project that we airdrop to holders! You must do your own research by looking at the project’s Telegram, whitepaper and website. We accept zero responsibility for anything you do — so please act responsibly. That said, this is a free token drop and of course we hope the token is a success. You really can’t lose on something you got for free.

How can I be sure this is a trustworthy project?

You can’t be sure! You need to do your own research — look at the website, look at the whitepaper, check out the Telegram. We hold no responsibility for your crypto decisions.

Useful Links

Website: PolyDoge.com



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