PolyDoge Treats #6 — Gembites

It’s almost PolyDoge Treats time again. Get ready for another airdrop.


Great news for our loyal holders, farmers and LPs — we’re having another token airdrop for the PolyDoge fam!

Gembites (Gembites.com) is currently raising seed and presale funding for their decentralized casino and betting products.

Their platform will be releasing games like dice and blackjack which users can bet on — with the help of Chainlink’s VRF for verifiable randomness.

Note: The coin is currently NOT LISTED so do not try to buy it on Quickswap or anywhere else until they list!

Anyway, what’s the drop?
We’re happy to tell you all that we’ve secured 500,000 Gembites for Polydoge holders, farmers and LPs — and we’ll be distributing them soon by airdrop.

Our snapshot covers all of those who are on the major farms and LP reward programs (Polycat, Quickswap, Sushi) as well as some others.

The snapshot was taken at 7pm UTC on Tuesday 1 June 2021.

Here is the snapshot list: https://zerobin.net/?b5ec661ee8fca416#/IxifKYSwIhSVTXZRub0oL5kkM4R6kHa3BIEZJGMgvo=

So, just hang tight and you’ll see Gembites in your wallet shortly.

NB: If you do not receive anything then it is possible that the amount you hold is so low that it doesn’t equal 1 GBTS. If this is the case, sorry! Time to buy a bit more PolyDoge for next time!

Contract address: 0xbe9512e2754cb938dd69Bbb96c8a09Cb28a02D6D

Ticker: GBTS

At the time of writing, this token is not trading yet. You can’t buy it on Quickswap yet.

Website: https://gembites.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/gembites

This project is being developed by a new team after an original pre-seed sale. All information about previous rounds (presales) are on their website as well as the full token distribution.

We do not vouch for any project that we airdrop to holders! You must do your own research by looking at the project’s Telegram, whitepaper and website. We accept zero responsibility for anything you do — so please act responsibly. That said, this is a free token drop and of course we hope the token is a success. You really can’t lose on something you got for free.

You can’t be sure! You need to do your own research — look at the website, look at the whitepaper, check out the Telegram. We hold no responsibility for your crypto decisions.

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