PolyDoge Treats: The One Ring to Rule Them All NFT

2 min readJul 16, 2021


Polydoge to find the way. Polydoge to take us to the moon. Polydoge to rule them all.

The land of Polygon is seemingly endless. A vast and sprawling world filled with all walks of life. A world where kingdoms are built from nothing and prosper… or crumble back to soil. With riches and risk abound, many call this place home.

The Kings of Defi reign over their empire of coin to the North.

The Farmers reap the harvest of their pools in the West.

The NFT collectors walk the halls of art in the East.

The Gamers own the South of the region, jousting and competing for grand prizes.

Polygon is often a peaceful land with each tribe tending to their own. But sometimes that peace is drowned out by the sounds of marching armies and metal clashing as the tribes erupt in war over fundamentals.

The Farmers have risen against the Kings of Defi for more and more coin. The NFT collectors fighting the Gamers over their prizes and arts.

In the end, both sides suffer casualties, but each tribe returns home until the next battle.

To bring peace amongst the inhabitants of the world, the largest nation of Polygon, led by The Lord of The Doge, is destined to bring each tribe together and by bringing all fundamentals of the world we inhabit into one.

For this, a single ring was forged … The one ring to rule them all.

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The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).