PolyDoge X CroMoon

2 min readFeb 7, 2022
PolyDoge has landed on the CroMoon!

Whaddup PolyDoge fam! Since our launch in April 2021, PolyDoge has been traveling further and further into new and unknown territories as we seek to assert PolyDoge as THE crypto of the future. Earlier in November we dropped our massive collaboration with RelayChain and CroDEX, bridging PolyDoge to the Cronos blockchain. We know you guys appreciate how hard the team works to improve PolyDoge’s outreach and web of partnerships in the crypto sphere. Our partnerships have included not only DEXs but also farms, tokens, major esports teams, you name it!

Since PolyDoge has traveled to the Cronos chain, it’s about time we added some more Cronos partners! For our next big partnership on Cronos, PolyDoge is bringing CroMoon into our orbit and becoming their strategic advisor! PolyDoge and CroMoon gravitated towards each other because their spirit reminded us of PolyDoge in the early days; lots of work, lots of fun, and lots of up and downs on a new chain.

While we expand our outreach, we also want to give other projects the possibility to nourish themselves from our experience. Moving forward we will advise CroMoon on further steps and help them strategize on how to develop the PolyDoge style.

To celebrate this partnership, we have prepared a very very special gift for both the PolyDoge and CroMoon communities! The CroMoon X PolyDoge partnership going to release the first cross-chain NFT drop. And this is the part you’re really gonna love, it’s free! To top it all off, anyone holding PolyDoge on Cronos or Polygon, or holding CroMoon, will be eligible for the drop! No one will be left out!

Without further ado, check those wallets!! Surprise, there should be a very special something in there! We hope everyone from the PolyDoge community will give CroMoon a warm welcome, and help celebrate our landing on CroMoon!

P.S. Hold on to this one, you never know what utility it might have ;)(Hint MetaPetz hint hint.)

As usual, stay perky you magnificent PolyDogers! 🚀🚀




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