PolyDoge x Dogira: Growing the Ecosystem

3 min readDec 5, 2021
PolyDogira anyone?

What’s going on PolyDoge enthusiasts, I hope everyone is staying perky! You know, for a long time now, we’ve been the only Doge on Polygon. Sure, we’ve had other Inus, animalistic beasts, and cheap imitators. Yet, we’ve been the only polygonal canine to stand the test of time.

While we’ve had a great time flying solo, we felt it was time to join a new pack, so without further ado…

We’re proud to announce that we’re joining the Dogira gaming ecosystem! (WHAT!?)

This means that we will be integrating our token and NFTs into the “DoFi” platform. Collaboration is an extremely important value to us as a team. Despite the principles of decentralization in this industry, we’ve seen first hand the benefits of integrating communities and technology.

The Dogira team is working to build a thriving gaming ecosystem utilizing the power of DeFi and interoperability through utility-based NFTs. They aim to usher in a new era of blockchain gaming where the experiences are genuinely fun, varied, and rewarding!

We will be able to draw on Dogira’s wealth of knowledge and skills when it comes to developing stellar blockchain assets, and jaw-dropping games.

Through this collaboration, we will be:

  • Bringing our play2earn (P2E) FPS title to the “DoFi” platform
  • Launching our in-game NFTs for PolyDoge Pets (some of these NFTs will be available through Dogira’s NFT farm)
  • Receiving several degrees of support from them when it comes to creating our NFTs, improving our game logic, and more!

In addition to the above, we will be launching staking pools on Dogira.Finance in the near future, where holders of Dogira will be able to stake their tokens to earn PolyDoge in-game NFTs!!

Please be sure to give members of the Dogira community a very warm welcome. We’re quite excited to join Dogira and Hanzo Inu in this rapidly growing gaming ecosystem!

About Dogira

Dogira has been developed as a “Gold Standard” Gaming Token, giving holders exposure to a fledgling Gaming Studio and DeFi Platform, without the risk of trading against an inflationary supply or needing to examine complex in-game economics.

Headed by fresh talent and industry veterans alike, Dogira is joined in collaboration with an all-star lineup featuring Chainlink Labs, Blockchain Game Alliance, ApeSwap, Hanzo Inu, and now PolyDoge.

You can learn more about Dogira below:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Medium | Dogira.Finance

Be sure to go check out Dogira and give them a warm PolyDoge welcome!

As always PolyDogers, stay perky! 🚀🐶




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