PolyDoge x PolyCat (Farm $FISH with $POLYDOGE!)

We got something really special to tell our PolyDoge family.

Starting tomorrow afternoon, you will be able to stake your PolyDoge and earn FISH on Polycat’s yield farm. Single-side staking — just deposit PolyDoge and earn.

Because PolyDoge has become the leading community token on Polygon, the cool devs over at PolyCat made this happen. This is an exclusive opportunity and really speaks to our parabolic growth the past few days. People are taking notice!

With the doggos at PolyDoge and the cats at PolyCat now teaming up for a yield farming bonanza, it’s going to get a lil’ crazy. Strap in. We’re just getting started.

Use this exclusive link to stake your PolyDoge and earn: https://polycat.finance/?ref=0k85PS74Q834587qR402QO3237p9S8pq5S2o5pR774


Stake your PolyDoge in a special farming pool on polycat.finance and earn FISH starting tomorrow. No impermanent loss!

You can stake your PolyDoge in the farm right now — and rewards will begin accruing tomorrow (May 2nd, Sunday).

Yield farms generally have a 4% deposit fee. However, you’ll make that 4% fee back super fast because the APY is crazy high. Part of the fee goes toward buying back FISH on the market.

Our special PolyDoge community link is: https://polycat.finance/?ref=0k85PS74Q834587qR402QO3237p9S8pq5S2o5pR774

When you use this link, the PolyDoge team gets a 2% referral bonus. This is paid for by PolyCat, not by you. Please use the link because we’ve been working hard and want to be putting out stellar updates.

PolyCat is using the same contract that PolyWhale and other popular yield farms use. So, it’s been battle-tested and is relatively safe.

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