Provide POLYDOGE liquidity and Earn QUICK: A Simple Guide

Thanks to a special partnership with the leading Polygon exchange, QuickSwap, we are happy to say that liquidity incentives are here.

The wait is over, PolyDoge fam!

Starting now, you can earn QUICK rewards by providing liquidity to either the POLYDOGE-MATIC pair or the POLYDOGE-QUICK pair. Plus, you’ll also earn trading fees on the pairs — which adds up fast since PolyDoge is one of the most-traded tokens on QuickSwap.

These are the QUICK emissions for each pair:

  • POLYDOGE-MATIC — 5 QUICK per day split across all liquidity providers for the pair.
  • POLYDOGE-QUICK — 11 QUICK per day split across all liquidity providers for the pair.

Putting up some liquidity to start earning is simple. Let’s go through the two simple steps.

1. Add Your Liquidity

If you’ve never added liquidity before, don’t fret. It’s easier (and cheaper) than ever before on Polygon.

  • Go to “POOL” on the main page of
  • Then click “ADD LIQUIDITY.”
  • Choose PolyDoge in the dropdown menu. Now choose the other pair you will be providing liquidity to (MATIC or QUICK). You will need 50% of POLYDOGE and 50% of the other pair to provide liquidity in equal amounts.
  • And press submit! You are now providing liquidity. You can see your share of the total liquidity pool if you go back to the POOL tab.

2. Start Earning on QuickSwap (don’t forget this bit!)

So, now you’ve added your liquidity to either POLYDOGE-QUICK or POLYDOGE-MATIC. Now it’s time to start accruing those sweet QUICK rewards.

  • Go to the “REWARDS” tab on the main page of
  • Scroll down to your liquidity pair (POLYDOGE-MATIC or POLYDOGE-QUICK).
  • Click the “DEPOSIT” button and then on the next page stake the liquidity.

And you’re done.

You’ll see the QUICK rewards drip in and you can claim them on the REWARDS tab. Oh, and you’ll also be receiving a portion of the trading fees for all trades that go through your liquidity pair. Given that POLYDOGE now consistently does millions of dollars in trading volume daily, that adds up fast.

Liquidity providing is a necessary service — and now you can finally get paid handsomely for it in QUICK. Give it a try. And special thanks to the QuickSwap team for making this happen.

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The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).

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The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).

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