What is UP PolyDoge fam?

We thought it would be nice to provide PolyDoge enthusiasts with a “year to date” recap of your favorite coin — the 6 month Reverse Roadmap…with a sneak peak at the future too :)


Following the token’s launch on April 28, PolyDoge has had a…

Team PolyDoge is proud to announce the integration of Chainlink VRF to help power the release of PolyDoge Cards! PolyDoge Cards are a collection of 10,000 unique collectible cards, each with their own amazing random traits, sold exclusively for PolyDoge and then available following the sale on OpenSea.

PolyDoge has…

PolyDoge friends and family, have we got some EPIC NEWS to share!

You’ve heard rumors, you’ve seen teasers, you’ve been titillated more than you thought humanly possible. Well now the wait is over: PolyDoge Cards are here (soon)!


PolyDoge Cards are unique and randomized NFTs that…


Starting today, July 23rd through August 8th, the PolyDoge team is hosting a two-week Olympics watch party and Networking Expo in the GamerJibe virtual world!

It’s time to dust off that gaming mouse and work on your bunny hops, because on July 20th, 2021, PolyDoge opened up DogeQuake.com to the masses.

Earning free PolyDoge couldn’t be more fun.

Polydoge to find the way. Polydoge to take us to the moon. Polydoge to rule them all.

The land of Polygon is seemingly endless. A vast and sprawling world filled with all walks of life. A world where kingdoms are built from nothing and prosper… or crumble back to soil. With riches and risk abound, many call this place home.

The Kings of Defi reign over their…

Wow! Has it been that long already?

We’re just getting started!!

On Saturday, June 26th, we celebrated these incredible two months with our first community town hall on our Discord where the core team took to the stage to chat on the state of crypto, Polygon, PolyDoge, and some massive teasers! (And also gave away $1000 in PolyDoge!)

If you happened…

Hey, PolyDoge fam!

Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot and a four-leaf clover, because FarmHero just released a PolyDoge Roll Game!

Take to the slots and pull the lever — No change cups or chips here, just drop some PolyDoge into the slot and watch the numbers roll for a chance…

Hey Polydoge fam! Summer is coming, and we are proud to announce the winner of our sneaker design competition and our FIRST EVER piece of merchandise!

The Winner

Judged by our very own Bart Baker and @MISSNATOSHI of Twitter (and sneakerhead) fame — the winning designer Dines won $1000 in PolyDoge PLUS…

The latest PolyDoge NFT is another masterpiece celebrating the summer of sport!

The PolyDoge “Batting for the Moon!” NFT has now been distributed — and it has a number of cool features, including unique baseball stats to show off to your friends.

It has been created by legendary artists Dines…


The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).

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