The latest PolyDoge NFT is another masterpiece celebrating the summer of sport!

The PolyDoge “Batting for the Moon!” NFT has now been distributed — and it has a number of cool features, including unique baseball stats to show off to your friends.

It has been created by legendary artists Dines and Colin Perras — in house PolyDoge kings!

To view your NFT, go to and click on “My Account”.

See the full collection here:

What’s the story behind the Baseball NFT?

PolyDoge fam, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes — and today, we have a special announcement for you. A new advisor is coming on board to expand our brand.

*drum roll*

We’re happy to announce that television personality Shira Lazar will be joining the team as an advisor.

Who’s Shira Lazar?

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Lazar before. She’s an Emmy-nominated actress, blogger, writer and media host. She’s been involved in television and online content for a long time — tuned into the cutting-edge of the culture.

Lazar’s content focuses on, in her own words, “informing, inspiring, and empowering the…

It’s almost PolyDoge Treats time again. Get ready for another airdrop.

Great news for our loyal holders, farmers and LPs — we’re having another token airdrop for the PolyDoge fam!

Gembites ( is currently raising seed and presale funding for their decentralized casino and betting products.

Their platform will be releasing games like dice and blackjack which users can bet on — with the help of Chainlink’s VRF for verifiable randomness.

Note: The coin is currently NOT LISTED so do not try to buy it on Quickswap or anywhere else until they list!

Anyway, what’s the drop?
We’re happy to tell…

Polycat and PolyDoge were born around the same time.

At the time of writing, there is over $9M worth of PolyDoge deposited into their farm earning delicious $FISH.

The PolyDoge community has loved it. It’s also meant that a good chunk of the circulating supply of PolyDoge is locked up in farms. That’s good for all holders.

With this partnership in mind, we decided to commemorate the special relationship between PolyDoge and Polycat with a limited-edition NFT, for those people who stake their PolyDoge at Polycat.

We also included those Polycat community members who stake their Polycat there (to introduce…

Now you can buy PolyDoge on!

At PolyDoge, one of our core focuses is to ensure ease of use. That’s why we’re on Polygon — with guaranteed lightning-fast speeds and near-zero costs for transactions.

To our early adopters, we thank you for believing in us.

For many of you, figuring out how to use QuickSwap and swap for PolyDoge natively on the Polygon network was a new experience.

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that you can now trade PolyDoge on a centralized exchange — starting on June 4th, you can trade PolyDoge on!

PolyDoge fam, we’re happy to announce that a new project has decided to invest in PolyDoge —!

SpaceRat recently launched — and they have announced that their first paid airdrop to their holders, bought with their special airdrop fund (tx tax), will be PolyDoge. Woot!

The Spacerat announcement earlier this evening

SpaceRat x PolyDoge is a new project on Polygon with some interesting mechanics. Burns and taxes are part of every transaction. Part of these taxes go toward market buying promising coins which are then airdropped to SpaceRat holders.

The good news is that we have been chosen for the FIRST airdrop. That’s right, SpaceRat will airdrop…

Enter our contest to win $1000 of PolyDoge and a pair of custom sneakers…that you’ve designed!

One of the most common questions from the PolyDoge fam is when can people get their hands on some merchandise!

The people want some PolyDoge branded swag — we do too! Honestly!

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce that we’re fulfilling the request in a big way — by holding a special contest for custom-made PolyDoge sneakers.

PolyDoge Collab Contest: Design Your Own Sneakers

Put on your creative hats because you could win the next big thing in crypto fashion.

Thanks to a special collaboration with @MissNatoshi and Blockchain…

A new epic airdrop for the PolyDoge Fam!

The PolyDoge fam is full of people who will never, ever sell.

Why would you? With Treats and rewards for everyone, including NFTs, tokens and early access into different projects on Polygon, it pays to hold PolyDoge.

During the GREAT BITCOIN CRASH of 2021 (last week), some people lost their faith. They folded when they should have holded.

But many brave people held tight. Their diamond hands gripping their precious PolyDoge.

It is these DIAMOND HANDS who we are rewarding with today’s exclusive NFT drop.

As you probably already know, Quickswap recently added PolyDoge to their QUICK liquidity mining program. It’s been a great success so far with around $1M added to liquidity since it launched.

If you haven’t participated yet, we highly recommend it for some sweet returns.

The good news for the Quickswap community is — we’re celebrating the launch with a limited-edition NFT drop to stakers of $QUICK!

That’s right - it’s another PolyDoge treat — and this one is exclusively for $QUICK stakers in their Dragon’s Lair.

Introducing… The Dragon’s Lair NFT

The Dragon’s Lair NFT brings together two of the biggest players on Polygon: Quickswap…

For those in the know, there has never been a question about whether Polygon would take the lead in the race to be crowned the King of L2.

Like Polydoge, the good people working at defi aggregator are also no strangers to the quick adoption of innovation.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the 1inch team has chosen to include Polydoge in their token whitelist on


The first and only dogecoin on Polygon (formerly Matic).

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